the simple things: 1.3.15

It’s been a really beautiful week for me this week. I feel like I’m getting the hang of being a mama and although there are still some tricky times and sleepless nights, Ernie and I have had some beautiful moments that I will remember for the rest of my life.

smiles from Ernie have pretty much made my whole life

a rare quiet moment to myself for a coffee and a catch-up on what’s going on in the world


how on earth is my baby already six weeks old? As much as I miss his newborn-ness, I am adoring this stage of his life.

a coffee at the Taste of Belgium

…and waffles as well

a little cuddle with this fellow, he’s feeling a little disgruntled about not being the man of the house anymore

From the weekend: hair and hunter

Weekends are the prize at the end of a working week. They are largely what drives us to get through to the thank-God-it’s-Friday-afternoon. Even people who love what they do during the week get a tad excited on a Wednesday because they’re on the downhill run. It’s only a matter of time before happy hours and lazy days. Catching up with friends or family. Getting out. Staying in. We pack in everything we love to do (and a few things that we should do) into 48 hours.

I know it’s silly to live for the weekends. To wish the days of my week would speed up for those precious 48 hours where I can choose to do everything or nothing. It’s counter to my mindfulness and trying to be in the moment.

But it’s tricky. It’s almost punishment for me to sit at my desk, looking out into Sydney Harbour, separated from it by three floors and thick glass. The sun sparkles on the water, boats and ferries too and fro. The weekend is all I can think about.

So I pack my weekends full. As my father would say, I burn the candle at both ends. There’s always time for relaxation during the day: a coffee outing, time to read, a wander around. But most of the time I’m excitedly flitting from one activity to the next.

I heralded in this weekend with a drink after work – that sort of turned into six drinks and dinner with friends – these things have a habit of getting out of hand quickly. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, these times are limited. When we have families full of little ones to get home to on a Friday, these catch-ups will be a low priority. They may not even be an option. I look forward to those days too, but it’s important to jump at the chance while I can.

This weekend I was treated to the best hair style of my life! The fantastic Mr Schulz at Edwards and Co. worked his magic on my locks with some luscious colours and some careful styling – the end result is a colour and style that’s not just something that I love, it really suits me…if I do say so myself (and I do!).

I wasn’t about to finish my weekend at an amazing hairstyle! It was then off to the Hunter Valley for a much needed catch up with my father.

My Dad and I share many things, a love for wine, a love for cooking and food, a love for music, a birthday month. This was a weekend to share all of the above. We ate until we were ready to burst, laughed until our bellies hurt and drank until the bottle was empty. It’s time spent like this with my Dad that fill me up when I feel empty and drained, he’s a wise and wonderful man and the time we have together is very special.

From about 4pm on a Sunday, my time is precious. I know the light of the weekend is fading and it’ll soon be back to the grind, so I delayed my departure for as long as I could. Eventually though, I was back in the car, winding my way back to Sydney where I was greeted by hungry, happy animals and a pile of washing that couldn’t really wait. It’s only five more days until the next weekend. But hey, who’s counting.

What’s the most important thing for you to do on your weekend? Do you fill them up or pass the time relaxing at home? Are they full of chores or fun activities? Do you spend time with family? Friends? Strangers?