a capsule wardrobe

I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that my body will never ever be the same as it was before I started having babies. I realise it’s only been seven weeks since I gave birth to my beautiful son and while I am giving myself time to lose the baby weight (I’m all about emotional eating right now – plus cookies are so easy to eat one-handed) I have started to look around for clothes that will fit my new frame.

My ideas on what I want my body to look like have changed completely. In the past, I would have liked to look like a model: toned abs, slim thighs, 5’7″…

…now, I’m just aiming for healthy.

With my changing body shape, priorities and stage in life, it’s time to update my style and subsequently, my wardrobe.

After stumbling across Caroline Rector’s Un-Fancy blog, I am really inspired to curate a capsule wardrobe. I love the idea of only having a set number of items in your wardrobe at any one time – it forces to you to wear what you have, and most importantly to think about what you purchase. Who’s ready for some mindful shopping?

I’m usually one to impulse purchase clothes which means I usually buy things that don’t really go with what I really own and I tend to have a closet FULL of shit that I barely ever wear because I get it home, realise it looks pretty ridiculous and don’t bother returning it.

The capsule I’m going to curate is for Winter – I’m skipping Autumn for the moment for three reasons:

1. I want to research the types of clothes I want and set myself a budget

2. I want to save up for my shopping expedition rather than putting it on credit

3. I want to give my body a little bit longer to settle into its new shape.

Caroline says there are five steps to curating a killer capsule wardrobe:


If you take a look at her blog, Caroline favours bottoms and tops and layers. Me, I’m generally a dress girl but for Winter I will be changing it up a little bit and adding some separates to my wardrobe.

There are some things I need to consider when pulling together this capsule:

1. Clothes need to be breastfeeding friendly and accommodate my post pregnancy bust size.

2. My little belly pouch that is left over from where little Ernest used to live – clothes should skim over my belly and not be too clingy.

3. The items I select will need to last for (hopefully) a few years throughout Autumn and potentially Spring so I need to search for quality trans-seasonal items.

I’m off now to scour pinterest and some of my favourite online stores to put together a Winter inspiration board. Check back in a few weeks for and update on how I go!

pins i love: 2015 hair inspiration

Hair inspiration

Pregnancy was pretty much the best thing ever to happen to my hair, it was so bouncy and shiny and healthy! And it grew so quickly! I now have this mop of hair that I don’t know what to do with (not to mention the most horrendous regrowth going). I’ve booked myself in for a pamper session at local salon Willow and so I’ve been on the hunt for a new style. I’ve successfully grown out my pixie cut and although I am so tempted to chop it all off again, I need something a little more low maintenance – something that I can seriously not wash for days and not have to style. At all. These are some of my favourite looks for this year.

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