Since Otto and Arthur died I’ve tried to do things to make me a better person. A person they could be so proud of. Some days I am so good at it. I’m patient, I say kind things to people, I help people when they need it. Other days I just suck.

Grief can do weird things to people. It’s only just dawned on me in the last couple of weeks that I don’t have many vivid memories of the months following their death. What I do remember though is the feeling of love. The love I will always have for my sons that warms my heart. The love our family and friends showered upon us and wrapped us in to protect us. My love for my husband that has formed bonds so strong it can never break.

Feeling that love inspired me to be mindful of it every day. To stop, take note and just be peaceful with my heart full of happiness even if the moment is brief.

Let’s face it, days are busy and I get so caught up in running around like a maniac (because I over commit and try to fill every minute of my day) that sometimes I wind up sitting in bed at night wondering what I have to show for the energy I’ve spent. So to prompt me to take a bit of time out, I began to write down one simple thing that happened during the day that made me smile, filled my heart with love and happiness, made me think or gave me a sense of nostalgia. It might be a quote, something that I captured in a photograph or something someone said or did that made the moment memorable. This blog was more or less created on this foundation. I wanted somewhere I could document the lovely things that happen in my life so I could reflect, share and be grateful. Because although the loss of my sons has been awfully hard, my life is incredibly rich and happy for having them in it.

So I want you guys to do something for me, a challenge if you will. We’re going to get mindful through the month of March. Each day I want you to reflect on one simple thing that happened during your day that made you happy and take some time, even just two minutes, to write it down.

Then I want you to share it with me and your friends and family by leaving a comment; sharing it on facebook, twitter or instagram with the tag #onesimplething; or just kick it old school by telling somebody what made you happy.

I honestly believe that by sharing the things that make us happy with the people that we love (not boasting or gloating about them), it helps us to focus on the things we have to be really grateful for. The things that get buried among the stress and grief and down times that everyone experiences.

At the end of March, I’d love to hear whether this little activity had any impact on your mind and whether it made a difference to how you view your life.

“It is not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy”
– David Rast.

Friday is cancelled due to a scheduling error

It wasn’t the way I wanted to start my day.

My love left early for work today and so I was already down one barista for the morning. That’s right ladies, my husband makes me cappuccino’s in the morning. With love hearts in the foam. He brings them to me in bed. Without this vital part of my morning – I do not function.

On mornings I haven’t had coffee I have done the following things:

  • Only put in one earring
  • Tried to put the cat in the cupboard where his food goes
  • Missed countless buses
  • Stayed in bed

This morning I jumped rolled fell out of bed and took a moment to remind myself where the bedroom door was located. I ran into the wall, reminded myself again where the door was located and walked down into the kitchen.

Inside my skull, my poor brain was screaming loudly for COFFFEEEE.

This is a coffee, it is very different to the coffee I had this morning.

I stood at the coffee machine for a few minutes contemplating why we don’t have a voice activated coffee machine then I tested to see if the coffee machine was voice activated anyway.

I switched the machine on, crawled (by this point I’m crawling on the floor because brain doesn’t tell my feet to move) to the fridge, got the spinach out and closed the door. Then I opened the fridge again put the spinach back and got the milk out. We have milk in our coffee. Not spinach. Spinach is for later in the day. Much later.

Some time later, I arrived back at the coffee machine with milk in hand. This isn’t so hard after all. I frothed the milk like a boss, emptied the coffee grounds from my lovely husbands morning coffee and flipped open the lid of the coffee canister to refill the thing that the coffee goes in (I’m sure there’s a name for it but whatever).


So I would like to let it be known, Friday is cancelled. You can all go back to your beds and stay there until someone comes and makes me a coffee. I’ve already expended my BC energy (that’s Before Coffee energy). I’m out.